5 Things Women with Great Hair Do Every Day

If you’re constantly dreaming of having perfectly voluminous and luscious hair, there’s no need to follow the latest trends or spend money on expensive treatments. All you need to do is pick up a few beneficial daily habits that will help you maintain healthy and beautiful locks. Here are the most important things women with great hair do every day to achieve gorgeous hair:

1. They keep it cool in the shower

They keep it cool in the shower

    When washing your hair, you never want the water to be too hot, as excessive heat could dry out your hair, leaving you with limp and lifeless locks. Instead, you should always opt for lukewarm water. This ideal temperature will allow you to preserve the volume and natural sheen of your hair, while still being warm enough to wash away the dirt and excess oil from your scalp. When it comes to the final rinse, it might be best to go for cold water, as it will help lock in the moisture and necessary nutrients, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy shine.

2. They’re smart about their shampoo

  Traditional hair care products are made with harsh chemicals that not only strip your hair of natural oils and shine, but also dry out the scalp, causing dry and brittle hair, and even dandruff. That is why most women with great hair opt for mild, organic shampoos that gently cleanse and nurture the scalp, balancing it out and helping to maintain healthy and shiny hair. It’s especially important for those who tend to have a greasier scalp to find the best shampoo for oily hair that is made with natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus and aloe vera, in order to maintain a healthy and balanced scalp, as well as flexible, voluminous and shiny hair.  

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3. They don’t skimp on moisturizer

Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp needs proper moisture as well, in order to provide a good foundation for healthy and strong hair to grow. While the general rule is to condition your hair every time you shampoo, mostly applying the product on the lower half of your hair, the moisturizing process shouldn’t stop there. After you exit the shower, comb a leave-in conditioner or hydrating cream through your hair to reduce dryness and frizz, while adding shine and radiance to your hair.  

4. They blow-dry like professionals

  Achieving the perfect at-home blowout is not as difficult as it initially seems, and it might even last you a couple of days, depending on your hair type. To get the ideal look, start by flipping your hair upside down, and shake it around as you blow-dry to add more volume. Once it’s nearly dry, flip your hair back and blow-dry it in sections, moving slowly from the root to the end of the strand, in order to smooth out your hair and make it look more polished. Apart from helping you prolong your hairstyle, this blow-drying technique will also help you achieve that voluminous and sexy femme fatale look we all strive for.  

5. They always sleep on a silk

  Not only do cotton and linen pillowcases often cause frizziness and flyaway strands, but they might also absorb the moisture and natural oils from your hair, leading to dryness, breakage and split ends. That’s why it might be best to upgrade to a satin or silk pillowcase. Being much smoother and softer than cotton, silk, and satin pillowcases will allow your hair to glide easily while you sleep, helping you wake up with smooth, shiny and gorgeous hair.   As you can see, the perfect hair care routine doesn’t need to be too complicated. As long as you follow these incredible tips from women with great hair, you too can have healthy, voluminous and luscious locks.     Author: Mia Taylor is a 33-year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion, and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own.  Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories.  She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.    TwitterFacebook

5 Things Women with Great Hair Do Every Day

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